With social distancing restrictions easing and people gradually returning to work, REVOOLA – one of the UK’s leading fitness and wellbeing apps – is campaigning for people to continue their positive fitness lockdown routines and turn them into lifelong wellbeing habits.

Mark Williams, co-founder of REVOOLA said:

“One of the few good things to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is that many people have embraced fitness and wellbeing as an essential part of their daily routine.  Exercise and mindfulness have been a lifeline during lockdown for many, with thousands of people benefiting from walking, running and cycling as well as trying virtual fitness and meditation classes.  It really has helped keep a huge portion of our nation mentally and physically well in the face of adversity.

“With ‘normal lives’ slowly resuming, we hope that as many people as possible will be able to maintain their newfound fitness regimes and turn them into lifelong habits.  The benefits of doing regular exercise and practicing mindfulness are profound for everyone, no matter how old or fit you are.    It improves not only your health but also your quality of life, helping to relieve stress and improve memory, productivity, energy, mood and sleep.”

REVOOLA has the following advice to help people keep up their fitness and wellbeing regimes as we return to pre lockdown living:

  • Routine is everything. Review what time of the day works best for you to exercise.  It might be first thing in the morning before work and to jumpstart your metabolism. The afternoon is another popular option to help avoid an end-of-day slump.  Early evening works better for others to mark the end of the working day.
  • Set a daily or weekly exercise plan with realistic targets.  Try and be active on most, if not every, day. The NHS advises that everyone should aim to do 150 minutes’ moderate intensity activity or 75 minutes’ vigorous activity every week.
  • Don’t be disheartened if you miss a planned exercise session or class.  Focus on doing it next time and the next scheduled activity.
  • Be aware of how good you feel after physical or mindful activity. Use this as a motivator.
  • Make sure you choose exercise that you enjoy – there’s more chance you’ll do it.   And mix up your workout routine to include strength and cardio training alongside stretch and mindful exercise.  Having a well-balanced programme will stimulate different muscle groups and enhance overall fitness levels.
  • Make small changes to your day to fit in more exercise.  If you’re returning to your workplace, consider cycling or walking there or getting off your bus one stop earlier.  If your children are back at school, consider walking with them there rather than driving in the car.
  • Mental and physical health are so intricately connected and it’s important that we look after both.  Try mindful meditation classes to help combat anxiety, depression and stress and build resilience.
  • Tracking your progress can help keep you motivated when exercising and helps you see what you’ve achieved.  REVOOLA’s online app measures effort put into fitness activities as well as conventional metrics such as distance, time, heart rate, calories and elevation.  It is also able to quantify levels of relaxation during mindful activity.
  • Lockdown saw a boom in the use of virtual fitness and mindful classes and they will continue to be a popular way of exercising because they are so time and cost efficient.
  • Even if you only have a few minutes to spare you can fit in express body and mind workouts – REVOOLA’s meditation classes start at just four minutes long; its express body fitness workouts include 10/15/20 minute dance, HIIT, pilates, ride and yoga classes.
  • Schedule time with friends to exercise together either in person or via challenges offered through virtual workouts.

Mark Williams continued:

“The power of exercising both the body and mind, and the important role it plays in our wellbeing has been remarkably apparent during lockdown.  It is critical that we hold onto good exercise habits we have picked up during lockdown and ensure they remain an intrinsic part of our lives as social distancing measures are eased.  We really hope that people continue to prioritise exercise as a vital part of their overall wellbeing.”

Notes to editors

REVOOLA is a comprehensive, interactive mindfulness and body fitness app offering:

  • Hundreds of instructor-led mindfulness activities and body fitness classes available 24/7:
    • Body fitness classes – split into HIIT, pilates, ride, dance, warm up/ down and yoga.
    • Mindfulness classes – split into six categories (energise, focus, happiness, mindful movement, relax, sleep) – developed to combat anxiety, depression, stress and build resilience.
    • ‘Open workouts’ allowing users to benefit from REVOOLA’s tracking features when doing non-class-based activity e.g. a run, ride or walk.
  • A system that measures effort and quality of activity not performance:
    • REVOOLA’S Effort Value (REV) is an algorithm measuring the effort (from 0 to 100) put into each activity. Developed in conjunction with sports scientists, it focuses on the amount of effort a user puts into an activity. It works independently of fitness level, age, or gender, so it becomes relevant for everyone. This is at the heart of REVOOLA’s inclusivity ethos – to be relevant and appealing for everyone.
    • REVOOLA’s Mind Score (RMS) quantifies levels of relaxation and mindfulness. It uses algorithms based on heart rate, biometric data, and a user’s ability to relax. It’s a quality measure that can be used to help users improve the benefit of the activities they do.
  • The ability to sync contacts, exercise with friends or individually in ‘real-time / anytime’, create groups with colleagues, friends and family, schedule activities / classes together, set up challenges (1:1) and participate in leader groups.
  • A 30-day free trial with affordable subscriptions thereafter. Individual contract-less monthly subscriptions cost £9.99; £14.99 for family membership (up to five users).  Corporate monthly packages range from £8.99 to £6.99 based on a standard 12 months contract. Download REVOOLA from the Google Play and Apple app stores.