Which Heart Rate Monitors work with Revoola

What is Revoola?

Revoola is a Mind and Body Fitness and Wellbeing Application for use on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Does Revoola do maps?

Yes, for all ‘Your Way’ outdoor activity including Run, Walk and Ride sessions Revoola uses your GPS location to track your movement. Revoola plots your progress and charts the route showing the Effort level achieved on the way. This helps you to evaluate your performance over time.

What do I do if my video stops working during the class?

Occasionally due to connection, data or broadband issues the video stream may buffer or fail. To completely avoid this you can always download the class to your device before you start. In most cases, Revoola will attempt to reconnect and resume the class from where you left it. In the unlikely event that this is not possible Revoola will ask you to save your data and restart a new class. In all events, your Effort score will not be lost. If the App crashes simply reopen Revoola and click continue when prompted.

Are my results private?

The choice is yours. You can choose for friends to see your results or to save privately or publicly after each session. The default setting is ‘Everyone’ so just click once to change to ‘Private’ before you hit Save.

How do I connect my Apple Watch?

Revoola is designed to function seamlessly with Apple Watch. Download the latest version of Revoola and from within the Apple Watch App, click INSTALL to add Revoola to the Installed on Apple Watch list. When you next open Revoola and start a Mind or Body Session Apple Watch will appear as a Heart Rate Monitor under ‘Choose Your Sensor’. Click once and wait for the Green tick to appear, then click GO.

How do I win awards?

Award are given when you complete various tasks within the App. The more you do and the harder you try the more you receive. But remember, Revoola is about the balance between Mind and Body so indulge in Mindfulness to balance your lifestyle.

How do I change my profile picture?

From within the App click >More>Settings and tap the pencil icon to change your profile picture.

What do I get for winning awards?

We award Gold, Silver and Bronze medal icons to your personal ‘Feed’ and occasionally we tell a few of your friends, just so you don’t have to. You then receive the well earnt respect of your peers and an enormous sense of achievement. You can send Kudos to your friends and positive words of encouragement within the App and they can send the same to you.

Can I change my personal metrics if my details change?

You can change your weight and height if necessary by following: More>Settings from within the App. from here, you can also edit other details if they have been entered incorrectly such as Date of Birth or Gender.

How do I change my nickname?

From within the App click >More>Settings and tap the pencil icon to change your nickname.

Can I have more than one account?

You can have as many accounts as you like. Each account requires a unique email address. It is impossible to keep all your results and data together in one place if you have multiple accounts. For multiple accounts in one household see the Family package that allows up to 5 users from the same household to use Revoola on one ‘Family’ membership account. www.revoola.com/pricing/

Can someone else use my account?

In theory, yes, you can let someone else use your account. However, this will have a negative effect on the accuracy of your personal metrics and scores. You will also not have a clean record of your personal achievement for the month.

How do you estimate Body Scores (Effort)?

Over time, Revoola has built a rich database of results and this allows us to accurately predict the Body Score (Effort) that is achieved for our various exercise classes and activities. As a result, users can fully engage in the Revoola Application without the need to connect a Heart Rate device.

I can’t sign in; what do I need to do?

Within the App select ‘Sign up with Email’ or select ‘Forgot Password’ to reset your credentials. You can use the same details to login or create an account via the Revoola website.

How do you estimate Mind Score (Relaxation)?

Over time, Revoola has built a rich database of results and this allows us to accurately predict the Mind Score (Relaxation) that is achieved for our Meditations, Mindful Movement and Mindfulness activities. As a result, users can fully engage in the Revoola Application without the need to connect a Heart Rate device.

What are personal metrics?

This is your data. For example; your height, weight and age are your personal metrics. For users who use a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor or a Smart Watch to receive actual Effort scores, we calculate your Resting Heart Rate and your Maximum Heart Rate to predict your effort level.

Why does Revoola ask for personal information?

We try not to ask too many questions. To make our scores and algorithms work effectively we ask for some basic personal information like age, height and weight that we store securely.

What are Revoola’s unique algorithms?

Revoola uses algorithms to create a level playing field across all users. The best way to explain this is that a 70-year-old walking up a steep hill next to a 16-year-old would probably score more Body ‘Effort’ points for walking the same distance at the same speed because this would require more effort. The 16-year-old would typically need to walk faster and further to achieve the same ‘Effort’ score as a 70 year-old.

What is RMS or Revoola Mind Score?

RMS is the algorithm we use to measure your Mind Score (Relaxation). Using our unique formula and your personal details Revoola calculates your Relaxation and awards a score to help you understand and improve the quality of your Mindfulness.

What is Effort or Revoola Effort Value?

Effort or Revoola Effort Value is the formula used to calculate an individual’s Body Score (Effort) and Mind Score (Relaxation) within the Revoola Application. Using personal details such as height, age and weight, along with established norm values for different activities and exercises, Revoola continues to learn and adjust your metrics as it learns more about you. All your data is stored securely and never shared publicly.

What is REV?

REV is short for ‘Revoola Effort Value’, Revoola’s unique ‘Effort’ algorithm

How do I challenge a friend?

There are 2 ways to challenge a friend on Revoola. You can do a Body class or Your Way session simultaneously from any location at anytime using the <Challenge function which appears after you select any Body class or Your Way session. Alternatively, you can send a post session challenge after you have completed a Body class or Your Way session by selecting the <Challenge function from the results page in your Feed. So when you are feeling confident send your first challenge…it’s just for fun!

How do I Schedule a class for a group or my friends?

It takes less than a minute in Revoola to schedule a class for one of your groups or your friends. Simply select the Body class you want to schedule and then click the >Schedule icon, select the time and date for the class followed by the groups or individuals you want to invite. Everyone selected will receive a notification to invite them to join the class. You can then do the class together from any location. The class will also be added to your calendar. It couldn’t be easier.

How do I schedule a Walk, Run or Ride with my friends or groups?

To schedule a ‘Your Way’ Walk, Run, or Ride session; Choose one of the Your Way activities from the Start menu and select >Schedule. Then choose a suitable goal, either time or effort, for example a 1 hour walk, Select >Go and decide when the event is going to happen. Finally, select your friends or groups and they will receive an In App notification inviting them to join your event. This can be completed anywhere in the world, but simultaneously, of course. The event will automatically be added to your calendar.