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Rewards your effort, not your performance.

However you are feeling. Whatever shape you’re in. Revoola provides a single destination to improve your mental and physical wellbeing with an app that fits in around you. An easy to use, low cost way to manage, track and celebrate what you want to achieve.

A single destination accessible to everyone
whatever they are looking for

You Call The Shots

No long personal contracts.
Pay monthly.
Cancel anytime.

Your Timetable

No spare time? No problem.
On demand classes for every ability level from as short as 5 minutes

Your Budget

One single low cost payment to unlock everything. Get 30 days free then just £9.99 per month.

Your Way

Making an effort is the only thing that counts. Each step, however small, is positive.

For Your Mind and Body

Train along with our coaches or start your own workout

At home, at the gym, outdoors

Mind Classes

Body Classes

How to track your progress

Body Score (Effort)

Effort is calculated and displayed from 0% to 100% based on some basic information we gather from you when you join. Revoola awards points based on your personal effort in all Body activities. You might earn more points when out running than when doing a Yoga class for example.

Mind Score (Relaxation)

Mind Score (Relaxation) is calculated in the same way as Body Score (Effort) except that points are awarded for being more relaxed and mindful. You will probably earn more points in a Relax meditation than a Mindful Movement class for example.

Users who wear a Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor or a Smart Watch will receive an actual Mind Score (Relaxation) and Body Score (Effort) while all other users will receive an estimated Score for both.