Fitness and wellbeing app REVOOLA has become the UK’s first app to offer businesses and organisations a one-stop-shop for employee mind and fitness wellbeing.

Launched in January 2020 the app is the brainchild of Mark Williams and Paul Goossens who saw the correlation between employees’ mental and physical fitness employee productivity, engagement, reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism.  They were also driven by a desire to make physical and mindful exercise accessible, affordable, engaging and motivating for businesses and employees, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level.

Tailored for the corporate market, REVOOLA offers businesses a way to support and rollout health and wellbeing strategies.  It is the only UK wellbeing app to offer both body and mind fitness classes and activities on demand, alongside the ability to measure and manage the quality of mindfulness and body fitness activities completed. Users can choose to do classes individually or schedule group classes and one-to-one challenges with colleagues and friends.  REVOOLA also features ‘open workouts’ enabling users to measure the effort they put into their own body fitness activities (e.g. running, walking and riding), as well as the more conventional metrics such as distance, time, heart-rate, calories and elevation.

Mark Williams, co-founder of REVOOLA said:

“The positive effects of being mentally and physically well create a sense of purpose, sharpen thinking and aid productivity, job satisfaction and happiness in the workplace.  They directly impact the issue of absenteeism and presenteeism too – physically and mentally fit employees are more productive.  Businesses are increasingly viewing employee wellbeing as an investment as well as a moral responsibility.

“REVOOLA offers a solution to businesses’ health and wellbeing programmes.  We want to help people and teams be at their best. No other mind or fitness app on the market offers a complete solution to mind and body wellbeing like REVOOLA’s.  It also enables users to measure and manage their effort and quality of activity.  This is what really sets us apart.

“REVOOLA has it all – it is a combination of the best body fitness and mindfulness apps available, as well as being able to record individual workouts and connect with colleagues for social fitness and challenges – all developed alongside an activity measurement system displaying and recording levels of physical effort and quality of mindfulness.  Our target is to have one million users – we’ve had an excellent market response to date from the corporate market and can’t wait for more businesses and their staff to benefit from REVOOLA’s total wellbeing solution.”

REVOOLA is a comprehensive, interactive mindfulness and body fitness app offering:

  • Hundreds of instructor-led mindfulness activities and body fitness classes available 24/7:
    • Body fitness classes – split into HIIT, pilates, ride, dance, warm up/ down and yoga.
    • Mindfulness classes – split into six categories (energise, focus, happiness, mindful movement, relax, sleep) – developed to combat anxiety, depression, stress and build resilience.
    • ‘Open workouts’ allowing users to benefit from REVOOLA’s tracking features when doing non-class-based activity e.g. a run, ride or walk.
  • A system that measures effort and quality of activity not performance:
    • REVOOLA’S Effort Value (REV) is an algorithm measuring the effort (from 0 to 100) put into each activity. Developed in conjunction with sports scientists, it focuses on the amount of effort a user puts into an activity. It works independently of fitness level, age or gender, so it becomes relevant for everyone. This is at the heart of REVOOLA’s inclusivity ethos – to be relevant and appealing for everyone.
    • REVOOLA’s Mind Score (RMS) quantifies levels of relaxation and mindfulness. It uses algorithms based on heart rate, biometric data and a user’s ability to relax.
  • The ability to sync contacts, exercise with friends or individually in ‘real-time / anytime’, create groups with colleagues, friends and family, schedule activities / classes together, set up challenges (1:1) and participate in leader groups.
  • A 30-day free trial with affordable subscriptions thereafter. Individual contract-less monthly subscriptions cost £9.99; £14.99 for family membership (up to five users).  Corporate monthly packages range from £8.99 to £6.99 based on a standard 12 months contract.

Mark Williams continued, “REVOOLA is redefining the employee online fitness and wellbeing market.  It offers an extremely affordable and accessible way for organisations to offer their staff, regardless of fitness levels and ability, a way to exercise and practice mindfulness whenever and wherever they feel like it.  It is a fantastic employee benefit – not only enhancing staff’s wellbeing but also supporting productivity, presenteeism, retention and motivation in the workplace.”