The advantages of an employee wellness program are numerous. Healthy employees can mean increased productivity, lower health care costs, improved morale and decreased absenteeism to name a few. If you are looking for ways to improve your company’s bottom line or if you are simply interested in helping your employees live healthier lifestyles, then implementing an effective employee wellness program is something you should strongly consider.

Employee wellness programs can come in different forms and accommodate various needs. Some of the most common employee wellness program elements include weight loss goals, Health risk assessment (high blood pressure, cholesterol), Exercise goals and Stress reduction goals. A combination of these elements or a variation thereof is a great way to help improve your employees’ well-being and make their workplace a healthier environment.


If you are looking for ways to lower your business’s health care costs, implementing Revoola’s wellbeing app is a smart move. By keeping workers healthy and happy with Revoola encouraging them to maintain a good lifestyle, employers will see a benefit in fewer sick days and increased motivation and productivity. Many companies offer their employees discounted rates on insurance premiums if the employees meet certain criteria. These criteria are often determined by company-specific wellness programs.

Help to increase morale in the workplace

Another great reason to implement an effective employee wellness program is increased morale. Happy, healthy workers can work more efficiently, effectively and happily. If your business has several examples of how it values its employees, they will be more likely to enjoy working there and put forth more effort towards their jobs. A win for both you and your business! Effective employee wellness benefits can also help your company’s reputation in the community—a healthier workforce means that people are less likely to discriminate against you because of an unhealthy environment (and remember, this does not just apply to businesses; schools etc., face similar issues regarding their wellness programs).

Employee wellness programs offer an additional means of support for employees by providing them with healthy role models, educated professionals and positive reinforcement. Employees can learn about the benefits of making changes to their lifestyles and they are provided with information that is specific to their individual needs through the Revoola app.

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Mindfulness improves mental health

Looking after your employee’s mental health as well as their fitness can help improve their wellbeing and productivity levels. For example, research has shown that in 2021 an increasing number of doctors’ visits are for stress-related illnesses.

Mindfulness can help you relax, sleep better and improve your overall wellbeing. This means that it’s easier to implement healthy lifestyle changes and you’re more likely to see the benefits in your mental and physical health.

How does an employee wellness program help?

There are many ways that you can promote mindfulness within your organisation, such as encouraging employees to practise mediation or simply taking a quiet moment in the day when everyone switches off their screens and clears their minds.

This promotion of peace and quiet via Mind Classes by Revoola can be beneficial for your business too because even if people aren’t practising mindfulness techniques, they will still benefit from improved wellbeing.

The Revoola app also helps to incorporate stress reduction through increased physical activity and nutritional changes. This is achieved by setting relevant goals which can be measured over time. Removing workplace concerns such as bad job performance, fearing financial ruin or putting up with a stressful boss will give your team more freedom to focus on work tasks and help build positive relationships with each other that drive productivity in the long term.

Encourage a healthy workforce

A healthy workforce not only feels better but looks better too. Research shows that those who are physically fit experience better work performance as well as higher self-esteem. This helps promote a positive work environment and can provide your company with an edge in finding top talent, particularly those positions that require physical strength, stamina or dexterity.

By incentivising employees to take control of their own health and wellness you will be getting your workforce on the right track to healthy living for years to come. Working with your team to help keep them fit and healthy is a great way to boost morale and create a workplace culture that values the members of your team. The Revoola app rewards your effort, not your performance, therefore is inclusive for all members of your team no matter their age or ability.


Fitness and Wellness for your employees

Fitness and wellness are increasingly becoming a priority as employers look for new ways to build healthier, happier and more productive teams. In fact, one of the most important components of an effective employee wellness program is the involvement of management—the higher up they are, the better. If those with authority within a company support a healthy lifestyle it can help drive change throughout your workforce.

Wellness programs have been shown to increase productivity levels over time. Employees who participate in regular physical activity tend to be more alert and focused during normal work hours. They also tend to take fewer breaks because they know their fitness routine will give them all the energy they need for their day-to-day tasks.

Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Wellbeing and mindfulness improve your mental health, creativity, social connection and engagement. The Revoola app offers you this chance to unlock your wellbeing potential with our unique set of keys – activity, sleep, meditation, diet & nutrition and mindset challenges. Each has a different element that helps your wellbeing which leads you to be more productive at work or study.

Studies have shown that people who commit to regular physical activity are less likely to take time off work due to illness over their lifetime. This can lead to higher morale among co-workers as well as increased job satisfaction among employees who feel healthier and more fulfilled by their daily tasks once they’ve reached fitness goals through employee wellness programs.

How does it benefit your company?

Employee wellness programs benefit your company in several ways beyond simply boosting your team’s health and wellness. For example, studies have shown that companies who offer generous benefits packages including fitness incentives can attract top talent by offering more than other similar employers. These perks can even give you the edge over your competitors when it comes time to recruit new employees as well as retain existing staff.

Employee wellness programs create happier, healthier workers who are more productive and efficient at work. They help reduce sick days for those who partake in regular exercise and decrease stress levels, resulting in a more positive work environment overall. Employee wellness programs continue to grow in popularity as businesses realise how beneficial they can be to their company through improved morale, less turnover and a great team environment.


Are you looking for a way to improve your employees health and wellbeing?

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